Wool Impact solves problems with wool.


Wool Impact is an all-encompassing advocacy and resource hub for inspiration and information about the best natural fibre in the world. We’re setting out to solve problems with wool, and in doing so reinstate demand and value for New Zealand’s strong wool and wool growers.

Demand and value starts with the brands, influencers and innovators that design and place products in the homes, workplaces, and lives of people. Wool Impact makes it easier for these brands to use wool by furnishing them with the information and eco-system they need.

Today, what brands need is complex. Our work aims to help attract attention to the versatility of wool as the solution to the challenges we face; to connect to people’s health and environmental drivers; a proven track record of performance in use; assurances of quality of care on-farm; impacts through the life cycle – from farm to floor, furniture, foot, or face; and, connect into New Zealand’s 200 odd years of hands-on research, experience and innovation in producing the world’s finest agricultural products.

We can rightly say our wool is cleaner, greener, longer, stronger, brighter, whiter – but it’s a lot more than that. We have excellent conditions in Aotearoa New Zealand and a worldwide reputation for animal welfare, generations of breeding for quality wool and sustaining our land and beautiful environmental conditions to do that in. Happy healthy sheep produce feel-good carpet – and the rest.

Wool Impact is connecting value chains, innovation and research investment and advocacy groups. Our strong wool growers ability to keep producing this quality fibre, is contingent upon connectivity with the needs of local and global brands, and their discerning end users. We want to see strong wool growers have sound market intelligence and pricing signals that sure up their future investment in wool.

New Zealand’s Government is right behind us, investing $4.5 million through their Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund alongside like-minded sector investors such as WoolWorks, Silver Fern Farms, Alliance Group, ANZCO, AFFCO and Progressive. We’re proud to be running alongside these partners, and working in support of those individuals and brands that are creating new possibilities and value for New Zealand’s strong wool here in New Zealand and around the world.