What we’re all about

Building demand and value for New Zealand strong wool.

Wool Impact is an all-encompassing advocacy and resource hub for inspiration and information about the best natural fibre in the world.  

We’re setting out to solve problems with wool, and in doing so reinstate demand and value for New Zealand’s strong wool and wool growers. How so? 

It starts with engaging and supporting brands as the influencers of demand.  

Consumers won’t necessarily make the right decisions, they are led by brands, specifiers (e.g. architects), and the products that are available to them – you can’t pick a wool option if it isn’t on the shelf. We need to strengthen the voice for wool through brands and specifiers and provide them with the tools they need to say ‘yes’ to wool, grows its presence, and give it a voice. 

To do that, they need evidence of the value of wool’s natural status.  

The reality and the perception of wool is that it is a fibre that is good for the environment, but this is not reflected in the methodologies for common environmental metrics like lifecycle assessments. We need to operate within the existing system to keep wool at the table while challenging the system boundaries and developing the holistic story for wool that adds value for our customers and our wool. 

Rejuvenating our reputation and sector is essential for a better future. 

The New Zealand strong wool sector has been in decline. Low prices are perpetuating a cycle of underinvestment in innovation, marketing, and quality that is leading to further price deterioration. The work we are doing in other areas needs to be complemented by delivering core sector services and rewiring the sector for vitality to provide leadership, facilitate change, add and sustain value, and encourage investment in strong wool into the future. 

New Zealand’s Government is right behind us, investing $4.5 million through their Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund alongside like-minded sector investors such as WoolWorks, Silver Fern Farms, Alliance Group, ANZCO, AFFCO and Progressive. We’re proud to be running alongside these partners and working in support of those individuals and brands that are creating new possibilities and value for New Zealand’s strong wool here in New Zealand and around the world.