Apply liberally and often

Wool Impact
Karen Murrell, the renowned Kiwi beauty entrepreneur, has develop a lipstick using a product you’d not usually associate with lipstick – wool. 

‘Kera Kisses’ limited-edition soft-red tinted lip balm is uniquely enriched with New Zealand wool keratin. This tinted lip balm can nourish and protect your lips all day. Wool keratin powder provides an innovative wool-based pigment for colour, locks in moisture close to the skin and absorbs and neutralises pollutants, preventing them from damaging skin. 

This product is thought to be a world first and is the result of a collaboration with New Zealand-based company Wool Source.  



Karen, who grew up in the rural community of Te Awamutu, was excited to use the wool keratin powder as a way forward for new innovations using wool and to support the farming sector and new innovative uses for wool. The wool used can be traced back to its origin from Westmere Farm in Ashburton. 

“The traceability of the keratin held a huge appeal for us, and the design on the product box is a host to the actual farm that the sheep are from.” – Karen Murrell 

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