It’s in the bag

Wool Impact
Honest Wolf knows the importance of knowing where your wool comes from. 

Thanks to its impeccable eco-credentials and the recent rise in conscious consumerism, wool is making a remarkable comeback, says Sophie Hurley of accessory brand Honest Wolf.  

Looking for new outlets for the 170 tonne of quality wool produced by 25,000 sheep every year on Sophie and husband Sam’s third generation farm, Papanui Estate, the duo launched a range of products created with wool that are stylish and durable.  

Overnight bags, shopping and tote bags, caps, wallets, lap-top sleeves and even dog collars are made from felted wool sourced directly from their central North Island farm. Honest Wolf bags and accessories are designed in the country, farm-tested for durability to take on the test of time. 

Despite New Zealand’s reputation as a sheep-loving nation, strong economic competition from synthetic fibres has meant the wool industry has been steadily declining for decades. Sam and Sophie wanted an alternative product use for the perfectly good wool that would otherwise be undervalued.  

As the business grows (Honest Wolf opened their flagship Huntersville store this year) so does Sophie and Sam’s mission to share the joys of wool, and the positive impact it has on Aotearoa New Zealand. 

“We knew there must be another way we could use our wool to get a better return and help spread the message about the wool industry. We saw an even bigger future for the fibre. Wool is natural, renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, ‘honest’ and we have plenty of it in this country; it’s the perfect fibre, and its uses are seemingly endless.” – Sophie Hurley