Wise about wool

Reinvigorating the strong wool industry through material innovation. 

Wisewool is changing the way people think about wool and the wool value chain. To the team at Wisewool, wool is an investment in comfort, quality, and sustainability that through material innovation is fast finding its way into a bedding, furniture and apparel products around the world. 

“With five generations of wool handling in our family, we felt a responsibility to our whenua and community in Tairāwhiti Gisborne. So, we created a super wool — a Wisewool.” 

Founded in 2021, Wisewool is a family-run business that engineers innovative wool materials in their Te Poi factory. Their 100% wool, needle-punched sheeting is resilient  and tear-resistant sheeting and alongside its natural insulative and moisture management properties and fire resistance, has a multitude of applications ranging from mattress toppers, duvet fills, and padding in furniture.  

Wisewool Buds (wool fibres intertwined into tiny spring-like buds that enhance its inherent bounce and resilience) are the ideal choice for seat cushions, squabs, furniture, and upholstery, as the buds provide a structured, firm composition. They also provide a more resilient and natural loose fill than polyester, foam chip or feathers. 

Sustainability and quality are top priorities for the team at Wisewool. Wool is sourced directly from farms that demonstrate sustainable and ethical practices. They simplify the value chain, not only does this benefit the local farms, but it also eliminates wasteful packaging and transportation costs.

Using cutting-edge technology, Wisewool produces outstanding products that will revitalize the wool industry, finding new, high-end markets, in return allowing farmers to be recognised through sustainable pricing.