Wool, but not as we know it

Pure New Zealand wool in new, groundbreaking forms. 

Wool Source’s world-leading technology deconstructs strong wool fibre into groundbreaking new forms that retain wool’s performance benefits at ultra-fine particle level.

Wool Source has developed a transformational natural wool-based product range – Particles, Powders, Pigments and Cortex – for use as ingredients in a variety of sectors including printing, coatings, filtration and personal care. Find out about wool lipstick here.

This range of multi-functional natural ingredients is positioned to help local and global brands and manufacturers meet the need for sustainable, ethically sourced products that perform.

Investment in cutting-edge science and technology, developed in partnership with New Zealand’s wool growers, supply chain participants, Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand and the New Zealand Government over the last seven years, has enabled the development of this patent-protected ability to transform wool’s physical form while maintaining its key natural performance benefits.

Wool Source is now taking New Zealand strong wool into new, previously unimaginable product applications drawing on wool’s natural performance benefits like moisture management, pollution control, air filtration, odour and oil absorption and flame retardance.

To find out more about Wool Source technologies and innovations click here: https://woolsource.co.nz/about-us/our-products/